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Mobile app for account management
Grand Capital Invest mobile app is your Private Office that's always at hand. Manage your accounts, follow the important economic news and get fresh analytics in real time. You can launch mobile version of MetaTrader 4 with a single tap.
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Standard ანგარიშზე ვაჭრობის უპირატესობა
Investment management features
All the main tools for investment management, quick access to terminal and technical support
შეავსეთ ანგარიში
Organize your account management with the app: your account info, trading history, deposit and withdrawal will be always readily available
Stay updated
In order to trade profitably a trader must possess all the current market information. The app provides necessary information on economic events, trading recommendations from our analysts and company news.
330 CFD და Forex
პირადი კაბინეტის სქრინშოტი
Look through your trading history, make deposits and withdraws.
Receive daily trading recommendations from our analysts.
ეკონომიკის კალოენდარი
It is an essential tool for prospective forecasting. All the information is neatly organized and events can be filtered by importance, country and date.
MetaTrader 4
Launch MT4 trading terminal with just one tap.
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კომპანიის სიახლეები
Read company news on your mobile device and keep up with Grand Capital's latest offers, promotions and bonuses.
ტექნიკური დახმარება
If you have any questions, just ask our tech support expert and receive quick response.
PUSH notifications will always help you to keep up with important news. Configure push notifications settings and receive updates you're interested in.
ბინარული ოპციებით ვაჭრობის ურისკო დღე.
Enjoy trading Binary Options right on your iPhone! Grand Capital Binary app makes trading easy and comfortable. Use Interactive charts and current quotes, open and close trades right on the chart to make your Binary Options trading more effective and profitable.
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